Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thoughts on LeBron...

The way i see this is that LeBron is handling this whole free agency horribly, by doing what he is doing i see in the future that LeBron will lose fans for other cities and lose buisness from people that would buy his product.

LeBron has gotten the hopes up of many fans in many different cities, when he makes a decision it will break the hearts of fans that have been waiting for this day for the last two years the decision LeBron makes will cause many people to turn against him and hate on him for what he put fans through.


  1. I see it differently, i think its just the beginning of how these things area going to play out from hear on out. I mean, seriously, this has been the most ridiculous FA Period ever, Lebron is metioned every 5 mins on espn. Its been a complete circus and you don't end a circus by quietly telling everybody good night. Yeah, he's making an ass of himself,but its not all his fault that fans will feel slighted. These analyst have been trying to build a house out of toothpicks. Everyday he's signing with a different and every reporter/ analyst has source close to the situation that has him signing with a different team. And in the mist of this, people are already beginning to try to build hoopla for Carmelo next summer...

  2. That's a very valid point Jeremy and i can see what your saying but who do you think handled this FA period the most professionally?

  3. I think outside of Lebron, most guys did to be honest. Lebron definitely put himself in a no win situation with the special, i don't think it has the same slimeball feel to it if he just did it like Bosh and Wade did. But again, the clock has already started for the Summer of Melo in some circles so we could see this same 2 weeks of "Breaking Speculations" next season and then again with Rose/Beasley, etc etc... Just be thankful Durant took himself out that equations