Wednesday, July 14, 2010

NBA Signings.

Denver Nuggets have reportedly agreed to a deal with hybrid forward Al Harrington.

Center Zydrunas Ilgauskas will be following LeBron James from Cleveland down to South Beach and the Miami Heat.

Point guard Derek Fisher will be re-joining the LA Lakers.

And in arguably the biggets move of the last few days the Utah Jazz have aqquired power forward Al Jefferson from the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


AP has reported that George Steinbrenner owner of the NY Yankees has died after suffering a massive heart attack.

Later posts will give more information when its available.

NBA Updates.

The LA Lakers have agreed to re-sign PG Derek Fisher to a 3 year deal.

The Miami Heat have agreed to resign Udonis Haslem and will sign Mike Miller.

New Jersey Nets have agreed to a deal with PG Jordan Farmar.

Monday, July 12, 2010

SPAIN 1 - NETHERLANDS 0... Why It Happened This Way.

The team from the Netherlands went down yesterday, a team known for its beautiful style of play missed opportunity after opportunity and could not put the ball in the net. Against a team like the Spaniards when an opportunity arises you need to take full advantage of it because who knows when you may get another chance.

Netherlands came out playing physical trying to ruff up the Spanish team to not allow them to get comfortable on the field and try to limit their passing and goal scoring chances, and for the most part it worked Netherlands seen chances but just couldn't put the ball in the back of the net. Arjen Robben in the 62nd minute got a beautiful through ball up the middle that led him beautifully right at Casillas but just didn't have the height to get it up and over and into the net.

Spain on the other hand played the way they have all tournament, methodically just slowly weathering the storm from the opponent until finally Iniesta got the ball on the right side of the net and slipped behind the Holland defense and put a beautiful shot home to win the World Cup.

This game in my opinion didn't live up to the 2006 final between France and Italy, that game had star power in Zidane and Henry for France and Buffon playing out of his mind for the Italian side, that game featured penalties and beautiful goals plus a penalty shootout that kept the average sports  fan entertained not just the hardcore soccer fan. However, this game was not that way any normal fan would've given up and changed the channel at halftime which I'm sure many did.

This World Cup was overall entertaining and hopefully will give the United States more intrest in the game and help our National team to get even farther come 2014 when the World Cup heads to Brazil.

Leave me your thoughts!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Update on NBA offseason.

Point Guard Derek Fisher arrived today in Miami to speak with the Heat executives to discuss possibly signing with the team, and there to meet him was # 6 Lebron James.

Now i dont know about you but if LeBron James was there to meet me and tell me to sign with his team i would highly consider signing.

And in NBA news Guard Raymond Felton has signed a 2 year 15.8 million dollar contract with the New York Knicks.

RUMORS of the day!

NBA: It looks as though what we all thought would happen is going to happen.. Sources have said that Eric Spoelstra will be on a very short leash when it comes to coaching the Heat this season, and after much speculation and talking that Pat Riley will come down from his executive suite to coach the team it seem as though that could happen if Spoelstra doesn't get the team to the level they should be at with the talent they have.

MLB: Many deadline deals could happen soon but one of the main  rumors out there is that Ted Lilly could be getting shipped from the Chicago Cubs to the New York Mets. The Toronto Blue Jays also have many deadline trading pieces.

NFL: Not much as for rumors today in the NFL other than that New York Jets CB Darrelle Revis is more than prepared to holdout during training camp if a new contract deal is not reached.
LeBron & Bosh to get reportedly 110 million and Wade at 107.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Thoughts on Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert..

How low and classless could someone possibly get? This guy makes a letter attacking LeBron James for deciding to leave a team that hes played his heart out for the last seven years and this owner hasn't done much to build a supporting cast. The best player that's been a long side LeBron is Antwan Jamison but yet LeBron is wrong for wanting to go to a team that will win automatically and has the best trio in the NBA now?

Dan Gilbert doesn't know how to build a franchise, he calls LeBron a traitor no, well Dan in that case you are a liar you told LeBron he would get a supporting cast and the best you could do was getting two guys in Jamison and Mo Williams that have never had playoff success and an aging Shaquille O'Neal? This guy needs to just shut his mouth and worry about the team he has not about LeBron anymore he is no longer a Cavalier worry about the players that are Dan.

I mean this guy changed the price of LeBron James Fatheads to 17 dollars and 41 cents strangely the same year Benedict Arnold was born 1741 i mean come on Dan your not a little kid so don't act like one. Ask Jerry Buss how to take a star player leaving when Shaq left did he cry? No! He weathered the storm and now has a team that is arguably still better than the team down in South Beach. So grow up and worry about the players on your roster. Not the one that left.

Leave Your Thoughts.

RUMORS of the day.

NBA: Not much for rumors today in the NBA just a few signings, Mike Miller to the Heat, Ryan Gomes and Randy Foye to the Clippers.

MLB: To show how much things can change in one day the Cliff Lee to Rangers deal i reported yesterday is no longer near happening, now sources have said that a Cliff Lee deal to the New York Yankess is nearly completed, this trade would by far give the Yankees the best pitching staff in the league.

NFL: Not much from the NFL either other than the Jets have given D'Brickashaw Ferguson a new contract extension believed to be worth over 60 million, and in other NFL news its believed that Michael Vick still could receive punishment from Roger Goodell after a shooting at Vick's birthday party June 25th even thought Vick has been cleared of any wrongdoing by the Virgina Police Department.

Pieces starting to come together for Heat.

The Miami Heat are reportedly to sign Mike Miller to a contract worth 5 million a year.

My thoughts are that this is one thing the Heat will need if there to win a championship, a consistent outside shooter that can also attack the basket. This is a good start but there is still work to be done for the Heat but for this deal i give it a A-.

What are your thoughts?

Michael Beasley traded by Miami to Minnesota.

Miami Heat Small Forward was traded shortly after LeBrons decision last night to join the Miami Heat. Beasley was traded in exchange for a 2011 second round draft pick. This trade is thought as a way to clear more cap space in order to sign players to fill out the Heat roster.

I personally think that it was a smart move to trade Beasley i see him as the type of player that would try to share the spotlight with the new big 3 instead of just understanding that they are the focal point of the team. I think that Pat Riley has made a smart decision with this trade Beasley has not lived up to what was excpected of him and maybe can revitalize himself in Minnesota but it wasn't going to happen in Miami.

Give me your thoughts.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The throne has moved to South Beach..

Yes LeBron has fled to Miami to join the likes of Wade and Bosh. And he has left behind broken hearted fans who could be seen crying and burning LeBron jerseys and It wouldn't be outlandish to think he won't receive any death threats in my opinion.

It's now over The decision is finally made, but honestly in a way I think lebron is taking some what of the easy road to winning a championship. Would Jordan have been respected the same if in 1989 he left Chicago to join L.A or the Detroit bad boys? I don't believe so but comment your thoughts.

But in other news Brendan Haywood has agreed to terms with Dallas, Travis Outlaw is joining the Nets, and Jermaine O'neal will be playing in Boston.

Thoughts on LeBron...

The way i see this is that LeBron is handling this whole free agency horribly, by doing what he is doing i see in the future that LeBron will lose fans for other cities and lose buisness from people that would buy his product.

LeBron has gotten the hopes up of many fans in many different cities, when he makes a decision it will break the hearts of fans that have been waiting for this day for the last two years the decision LeBron makes will cause many people to turn against him and hate on him for what he put fans through.

RUMORS Of The Day.

In the NBA: According to sources that are close to the situation word is that tonight at 9 p.m ET there is a 90 percent chance that LeBron James will be joining the Miami Heat to join forces with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. This has yet to be confirmed but tonight at 9 there will be many happy fans and many left heartbroken.

MLB: Sources have confirmed that the Seattle Mariners and the Texas Rangers are in heated disccusion with a possible deal that would send Cy Young canidate Cliff Lee to the Rangers in exchange for possibly first baseman Chris Davis and catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia who are both currently in Triple A. Excpect discussions to heat up as the trade deadline gets closer.

NFL: After much speculation at the end of last season fans of the Baltimore Ravens have something to be grateful of Ed Reed should be back in a Ravens uniform this season, according to The Baltimore Sun Reed is in search of a long term deal with the team that would keep him in Baltimore for the extended future.

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