Monday, July 12, 2010

SPAIN 1 - NETHERLANDS 0... Why It Happened This Way.

The team from the Netherlands went down yesterday, a team known for its beautiful style of play missed opportunity after opportunity and could not put the ball in the net. Against a team like the Spaniards when an opportunity arises you need to take full advantage of it because who knows when you may get another chance.

Netherlands came out playing physical trying to ruff up the Spanish team to not allow them to get comfortable on the field and try to limit their passing and goal scoring chances, and for the most part it worked Netherlands seen chances but just couldn't put the ball in the back of the net. Arjen Robben in the 62nd minute got a beautiful through ball up the middle that led him beautifully right at Casillas but just didn't have the height to get it up and over and into the net.

Spain on the other hand played the way they have all tournament, methodically just slowly weathering the storm from the opponent until finally Iniesta got the ball on the right side of the net and slipped behind the Holland defense and put a beautiful shot home to win the World Cup.

This game in my opinion didn't live up to the 2006 final between France and Italy, that game had star power in Zidane and Henry for France and Buffon playing out of his mind for the Italian side, that game featured penalties and beautiful goals plus a penalty shootout that kept the average sports  fan entertained not just the hardcore soccer fan. However, this game was not that way any normal fan would've given up and changed the channel at halftime which I'm sure many did.

This World Cup was overall entertaining and hopefully will give the United States more intrest in the game and help our National team to get even farther come 2014 when the World Cup heads to Brazil.

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