Friday, July 9, 2010

Thoughts on Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert..

How low and classless could someone possibly get? This guy makes a letter attacking LeBron James for deciding to leave a team that hes played his heart out for the last seven years and this owner hasn't done much to build a supporting cast. The best player that's been a long side LeBron is Antwan Jamison but yet LeBron is wrong for wanting to go to a team that will win automatically and has the best trio in the NBA now?

Dan Gilbert doesn't know how to build a franchise, he calls LeBron a traitor no, well Dan in that case you are a liar you told LeBron he would get a supporting cast and the best you could do was getting two guys in Jamison and Mo Williams that have never had playoff success and an aging Shaquille O'Neal? This guy needs to just shut his mouth and worry about the team he has not about LeBron anymore he is no longer a Cavalier worry about the players that are Dan.

I mean this guy changed the price of LeBron James Fatheads to 17 dollars and 41 cents strangely the same year Benedict Arnold was born 1741 i mean come on Dan your not a little kid so don't act like one. Ask Jerry Buss how to take a star player leaving when Shaq left did he cry? No! He weathered the storm and now has a team that is arguably still better than the team down in South Beach. So grow up and worry about the players on your roster. Not the one that left.

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